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The Moments you must hire a Traffic Lawyer in Missouri

A violation ticket can be served due to a number of reasons. In Missouri, you will find that the traffic laws are more stringent than the other states of the USA. Due to this, the residents have to face issues with the resolution part. And getting assistance from a traffic lawyer will be of great help to you. 

Sometimes they are unaware of some laws and make a mistake which ends up in paying hefty fines and incurring demerit points on your driving record. And this does not stop here, as per the law, if you are found at mistake more than once, you can also lose your licence. 

So, instead of facing all these troubles, you can give Traffic Counsel LLC a call and we will get you the desired results. We are a team of professional traffic attorneys with years of experience. 

Listed below are the moments when you must call Traffic Counsel LLC a call so that we can help you with your traffic ticket and get you out of all your troubles. 

When do you need a Traffic Lawyer? 


  • Negotiating a deal with the Judge: Traffic ticket violations amount to incurring of misdemeanour charges in Missouri. You can be charged with Class A, B, C or D Misdemeanour. Class A Misdemeanour means that you might have to go to jail. This is where a lawyer comes in. 

A traffic lawyer will help you negotiate a deal with the judge and get them to give a reduced sentence. For instance, we will make sure that instead of sending you to jail you will have to go to traffic school. 

Negotiating in a courtroom is no child’s play. So, it is better that you take the assistance of a lawyer who has experience in all these matters. 


  • When you are wrongly accused: It may happen that the patrol office who has given you the ticket might have made a mistake. There are instances when we have got our clients acquitted from these wrongful charges. 

It happens that you are out with friends and someone has left their drugs in your car. In that case, you might be charged with possession even though you are not at fault. These are the moments when you need a lawyer who will investigate the case and gather enough evidence to prove that you were not in possession. 

We also get a lot of cases of paraphernalia in which most of the time the school teachers and professors are charged with paraphernalia charges. There are a lot of examples when our clients are wrongly accused. As a group of passionate traffic lawyer we gather all the evidence and prove that it was not their mistake. 


  • Stuck in a Complex Situation: Being a single mother or father, you need your driver’s license at all times. There is no chance that you can do without a driver’s license in Missouri. And if you are caught then you are in big trouble. But not if you get help from a traffic lawyer from Traffic Counsel LLC. 

We are understanding, compassionate and empathic towards your problem. Getting assistance from a lawyer at this moment can make a huge difference. We will urge the judge to be lenient and understand your situation. 


  • Ticket Dismissal: 


Yes, your ticket can be dismissed. But that is only possible in some cases. These are: 

  • The traffic ticket officer who has issued the ticket is not present in the court. 
  • You confess that you have committed another less serious offence and plea for it. 
  • Lastly, if you agree to be under probation for some time

When it comes to making a choice, you will need the help of a traffic lawyer. In these, the absence of the traffic officer is not in anybody’s hands. But, with the other two reasons, you should consult a traffic lawyer in Missouri. 

In the end, you must understand that traffic violations are complex. Fighting your traffic ticket alone is not recommended. You must take assistance from a traffic lawyer who has expertise in this matter and will get the desired results. And you will only find them at Traffic Counsel LLC

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The Moments you must hire a Traffic Lawyer in Missouri


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