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Should I Hire a Missouri Speeding Ticket Lawyer?

While tickets to movies, theme parks or a concert might excite any soul, a traffic violation ticket, kills all the fun. Irrespective of the reason behind your more than permissible speed on the road, a ticket lands you in much trouble that you think.  Let’s uncover what happens after you get a speeding ticket and how to deal with it. Besides, you’ll also come to know if you need the services of a Missouri speeding ticket lawyer or not.

Here’s what happens after you receive a speeding ticket in Missouri

Like most other states, the state keeps a count of your traffic violation in your traffic record. Each traffic violation adds a certain number of points to your driving record, and these reflect in your driving record. A driver’s record has a total of 12 points, which when reached amounts to suspension. And a speeding ticket will add three points straight away!

So? What next?

  1. You could either pay your fine (which most first-timers do).
  2. Or choose to contest your ticket.

But are you aware that a simple speeding ticket could cost you more than just the fine?

Either way, if you don’t take the services of a Missouri speeding ticket lawyer, or choose to contest your case yourself, you may still end up getting points in your record.

A usual speeding ticket can cost you at least $83. Have a look at the fine scale, as per different speed ranges.

  • $83 for driving 6-10 mph over the limit
  • $108 for driving 11-15 mph over the limit
  • $133 for over 16-19 mph
  • $208 for driving over 20-25 mph over the permissible speed limit

In case you drive at a whopping speed of 25 mph over the limit in Missouri, you’ll definitely have to appear in court.

However, that’s not it! Here are the additional expenses that you’ll have to bear apart from the fine.

  • Traffic Violation Points: a speeding ticket can contribute three points to your driving record, as per Missouri traffic laws. These points will stay on your record for three to five years.
  • Increased insurance price: when you get violation points on your driving record your insurance company will charge you a higher price. That too not once but to the extent till the points remain on your record.
  • Accumulation of Violation points: Further violations will only add up to your points, and it ain’t gonna be nice, you know!

Why you must hire a Missouri Speeding Ticket Lawyer

A Missouri speeding ticket lawyer can be of great help. Here’s how:

  • They will help eliminate or considerably reduce the fine of your speeding ticket. They’ll use their expertise and find out the perfect way to deal with evidence and weak points of state laws. So they can negotiate better than what you could have done for yourself.
  • A professional can also help you in maintaining a clean driving record. This way you’ll save on the insurance costs, and a clean record obviously has its own perks.
  • A Missouri speeding ticket lawyer can even help in paperwork if you are going to contest your ticket.
  • If you already have other violation points on your driving record, the Missouri speeding ticket lawyer will prevent your license from being revoked.

Needless to say, a suspension of a license will feel nothing short from being handicapped, as you will have to depend on public transit or other family members are friends for your usual commute.

The only (what you may call) downside of hiring a professional is the cost involved. Albeit, by now you might have a good idea that this cost is nothing compared to the huge fines or the threat of suspension. You are smart enough to make your decision.

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Should I Hire a Missouri Speeding Ticket Lawyer?


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