Tips to avoid being ticketed in Missouri

We all have, at one point in our lives, broken a traffic rule, and driven over a set speed limit or under the influence of drinks. You must have seen many people go over the speed limit routinely. But this doesn’t give you a chance to accompany them. It is pure madness! When you finally commit the mistake and get pulled by a policeman, handling you a speeding ticket, perhaps “everyone is doing it” isn’t going to save you. 

Many a time people pay the speeding ticket, without analyzing if the ticket was accurately accessed or not. So the first step is to analyze all the facts. Trust us; there are numerous cheap and easy ways to fight a speeding ticket. 

So in this blog, we shall be discussing the various tips to avoid traffic tickets in Missouri. 

  1. While a prosecutor is trying to prove that you violated the law, there are various ways to question that proof. One of the ways is to argue that the police officer must have mistakenly identified you as the speeding driver. Validate your point by saying that he must have confused you with a driver in a similar looking car. 
  2. Another way to avoid getting a speeding ticket is by questioning the officer’s assessment of your speed. You can state that the speed may have been inaccurate. The prosecutor will have to prove that the assessment was correct and also will have to get his speed-measuring device checked. There could even be a fault in the device which can safely land you out of this mess.
  3. There is also a legally valid reason to exceed the speed limit. You could state that you were about to avoid an accident, so you had to go a little crazy on the wheels. Also, you can say that there was a medical emergency that had to be dealt with. For example, someone close to you had to be taken to an emergency room (God forbid) and required your immediate help. 
  4. You can also state that you were being chased by someone and were in fear of losing your life. They only way you could get out of his sight was by driving at high speed. This may sound a little vague but will surely help you get out of trouble!
  5. In any case, maintain a polite and cooperative attitude. Do not try to debate the merits of a ticket right on the road. 

There are many consequences of a traffic ticket such as fines, an impact on the insurance rate, suspension of the license, community service, or even jail. Fighting the traffic ticket will help you avoid these consequences and attain a clean chit. The above-mentioned tips to avoid traffic tickets will help you steer clear from facing any consequences. 

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Tips to avoid being ticketed in Missouri


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