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Speeding Tickets

The moment I am behind the wheel all I want is for the road to the empty and my car talking to the wind at 120 mph. But that is not possible, at least not every single time you take the car out. It all depends on the current circumstances and the limitations imposed by the State. And in Missouri the fastest you can go interstates is 70 mph. So, forget that dream and let’s come back to reality.

Overspeeding can get you a ticket, there is no doubt. But the good thing is that you can resolve the ticket with ease. And you need to do is as soon as possible. It is not rare that someone has crossed the speed limit while driving on the road. It has happened with almost all of us, the difference comes if you get caught or not. It becomes a bit frustrating for those who get caught and have to go and serve the consequences of a speeding ticket. You see no one has time and if you did, why you would have rushed to get to work on time? Right. Hence, it is very difficult to find time for these things.

We at Traffic Counsel take care of your speeding tickets in the most professional way. You ask how? We have a team of professionals with relevant experience along with advanced strategies that will help you in keeping your driving record clean.

What can be done in case one gets a speeding ticket?
The speeding ticket can be on your driving record for a long time so it is better to deal with it professionally. In case you get a speeding ticket, make sure that you drive slowly and obey traffic rules next time, but presently you should try if you can get your charges reduced or get your ticket canceled. It is not an easy task but you need to have a strategy to make it work.

Can I challenge a ticket?
Yes, of course, you can challenge a speeding ticket. Although, there are certain things that you need to consider. You should be sure that you have fewer or no violations in the past, this may help you get your fine reduced when your record appears in front of the judge. If you have proof that you were speeding up to avoid a collision, you might not get served. Other factors that can work in your favor are:

If the officer that gave you the ticket does not show up at the court proceedings.
If the device used by the officer is faulty or the information about you or your vehicle is wrong.

It seems like a lot of work right? This is where Traffic Counsel steps in. We take full responsibility of your speeding tickets and do all that is necessary to make the final verdict work in your favor. For more info or a free quote, fill in your details and send them to us, or you can also call us at (636) 388-8461.

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Speeding Tickets


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