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How aware are you of Missouri motorcycle laws?

Motorcycles do add a thrill to your riding experience. That adrenaline rush you get when driving through the mountains or along a beach road is something unique and amazing thing to experience. There are a few mountainous areas to enjoy a good motorcycle ride in Missouri. But as important as it is to get the thrill out of your motorcycle ride, it is equally essential to understand the Missouri motorcycle laws. 

Traffic Safety is not only about taking care of your life, but it is also a duty to make sure that you are not threatening another commuter’s life. To that end, there are certain motorcycle laws drafted and implemented by the government of the State. 

1.Do you have a Class M Motorcycle?

There are two things here, one is that you need to have a Class M motorcycle if you want to enjoy riding on the roads of Missouri. If not, then you must have a driving license that has a Class M endorsement. You can also obtain a motorcycle license if you are aged less than 18. For that, the age bar is kept at 15 and a half years. But the provision of this type of licence is subject to the completion of the Motorcycle Rider Training Course as said under Chapter 302 of the Missouri Motorcycle Laws and Information.

2. Street Legal of the Missouri Roads

Street Legal is a set of conditions that are essential for riding a motorcycle in the State.Under the Missouri motorcycle laws, these conditions are running headlights, fully functional tail and brake lights, signals, horn, dual mirrors (one on each side), and brakes. Added to this, there are a few other accessories more popularly called as “motorcycle leathers” to be safe and secure while driving. This may include but is not essential, leather jacket, leather boots, and gloves. 

3. Missouri Lemon Law Under Chapter 407

Lemons are the vehicles that are bereft of the qualities and conditions that were claimed at the time of selling by a dealer. So, to protect the buyer from bearing the brunt of such asymmetric information by the dealer, these lemon laws can help you protect your investment. Here you can claim your benefits under the Lemon Law which are a part of the Missouri motorcycle laws. But that is only, if you report the problems and damages to the dealer or the seller within one year of your purchase. And upon recurrent attempts to repair the motorcycle and failing at it, you are eligible to get a new vehicle in replacement. 

4. 16 Years, 50 Miles, and 250CC

Remember these numbers. It says that under the Missouri motorcycle laws, a 16 year old rider can only drive a 250 cc motorbike and cannot take it further than 50 miles from his/her house. Plus, they cannot ride with a pillion passenger. And not only this, they can only drive in daylight. 


So, it is clearly understandable that Missouri, where it allows motorcycle riding within and out of the city, it also has some restrictions that are for your protection and safekeeping. To that end, you need to follow these rules and drive safely. 


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How aware are you of Missouri motorcycle laws?


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