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Referral Rewards

You’ve told everyone you know about us. And we want to reward you for that.

Our Referral Rewards program helps spread the word of how we can help others.

At Traffic Counsel, we know that you, our customers, are in the best position to share your experience with others. As such, we want to reward you for being our ambassadors to your friends, families and communities.

We want to help you today, and for years to come.  As such, we offer the following rewards.

All rewards are only applicable upon successful hiring of Traffic Counsel by the referred person.  Referral rewards are only available for current or prior Traffic Counsel clients.

Referral Program

If you refer someone to Traffic Counsel with a ordinary (non-FCC, minor traffic violations) ticket, we offer you $10 of value towards future services, and a $5 value off their current legal needs.

If you return to Traffic Counsel with subsequent tickets, we offer at $5 repeat customer discount.

If you refer someone who has a FCC (Highway Patrol) ticket, we offer $20 off subsequent legal services, and $10 off their ticket.

Finally, if you refer someone who has more than $250 in legal needs, we will offer you $100 of future legal services, and $50 off their legal services.

Monthly Gas Card Drawing

All successful referrers are automatically entered into a monthly drawing for a $25 gas card.  Each referral is another chance to win the card.  More referrals means you’re more likely to win!

Rewards can be applied to outstanding balances.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.

All rewards are at the discretion of Traffic Counsel and can be modified or changed at any time.  Rewards credits have no cash value.

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